There are two different ways to purchase a guitar made by me.

One way is buying an already finished and set up guitar which I build between orders or which I used to experiment or improve certain features. The price depends on the materials and attributes. I will list these fisnished instruments here on my website on the bottom of this page and also on my instagram. 
I am continiously building guitars even if I do not have a custom order waiting to be made, so there might be the chance that there is a finished guitar waiting for you.

The other way is a custom order to receive a handmade instrument which is specificlly created for you.
To order a custom made instrument is an intimate experience. The first step is to know you and your needs as a musician. What are you looking for in an instrument? How do you need your instrument to perform? What are your playing styles?
We will also talk about Specs and aesthetic features. And perhaps the most fun part of all is wood selection which we will choose together based on suitibility for your style of playing and the look you want to achieve.
Some woods in my inventory are included in the base price while others are an upcharge. 

The base price is currently 5.000€. 

The standard included in the base price is a spruce top, structured sides and a mahgany neck with ebony (or sustainable alternative) fingerboard and overlay. The colors and materials of the inlays and rosette can be chosen. The tuning machines included are by Schertler.

My hope is to make the whole process a pleasant and personal experience by providing updates and pictures on a regular basis so you can  be part of the building process of your personal instrument.

With placing your order a deposit of 1.000€ becomes due. This deposit will allow me to begin designing the specifics of your instrument as well as select materials. The deposit is nonrefundable. Once the strings are on and the first notes have been played, the remaining balance will be due. 

You can make your payments cash, as wire transfer or with PayPal.

The base price does not include shipping fees, CITES or a case. A case can be additionally provided.

I do provide a warranty to the original owner. The warranty does not cover any alterations or modifications to the instrument. It does not cover any damage due to extremes in temperature or humidity. Nor does it cover normal wear and tear or improper handling. Please take good care of your instrument.